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Thanks for visiting our gunsmithing section. Here we try to answer some questions about our services we offer and turn around times. Be sure to check out our gunsmithing gallery below.

In process work


Listed below is a sampling of our services offered. These lists are not all inclusive, just some of our most requested work.

General Services
Strip & Clean Trigger job / Action Work
Sight Work, Milling and Installation Optics Installation, Bore Sighting
Barrel Work, Cut and Crown Recoil Reduction, Porting, Breaks, Comps
Reliability Work Live Round / Casing Removal
Head space / Chamber Casting Recoil Pad Installation
Fit Stock, Length of Pull Adjustable Stock Hardware Install
Stock Repairs  
Polymer Stippling Feeding, Ramp and Throat
Extraction & Ejection Tuning  
DA Conversions Cut Forcing Cone
Bob Hammer Convert to Round Butt
Sling Mount Installation Forge Bolt Handles
Bed Action / Free Float  
Strip & Clean Recoil Pad Installation
Middle Beads Optics Installation, Bore Sighting
Barrel work, Cut and Crown Recoil Reduction and Porting
Cut Forcing Cones Open Up Choke Constriction
Match Barrel Installation Lower and Flare Ejection Port
Bevel Magazine Well Beavertail Installation
Carry Bevel or Melt Install Safety / Ambi
Bobtail Conversion Bo-Mar, Novak, Heine Sight Installs
Checker / Serrate Rear of Slide High Cut Front Strap
AR-15 and AR Type
Quad Rail Installation Muzzle Break / Flash Hider Installation
Gas Piston Conversions  
Finishing / Metal Work
Bluing ( Matte, Brushed, Gloss) Nitre Bluing (Gloss)
Nickel ( Matte, Brushed, Gloss) Gold Plating (Matte, Brushed, Gloss)
Jewelling (Engine Turning) Checkering and Stippling

Turn Around Times

Below approximations are subject to uncontrollable external variables such as but not limited to parts availability, backorders, raw materials, etc. Hunting season historically extends our turn around times in some cases.

  • General Repairs: 4 to 5 weeks
  • Refinishing: 90 to 120 days
  • Custom Guns: 90 to 120+ days
  • Restorations: 90 to 120+ days
  • Firearms 100 years old and greater: No turn around time given
  • Out of production / obsolete firearms: No turn around time given

Sig 228: Blued Slide, Nickeled Frame
Sig 228: Brushed/Matte Blued Slide, Matte Nickled Frame.
Colt 1911: Blued Slide, Nickeled Frame, Checkering, Sights, Beavertail.
Kimber 1911: Blued Slide, Nickeled Frame, Sights.
Springfield Compact 1911: Matte Blue, Melt, Sights, Stippling, Beavertail.
Colt Gold Cup 1911: Stainless Refinish, Bevel, Beavertail.

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