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The Gun Doctor, Inc. works with all major manufacturers of firearms. We can special order just about anything you may request. We will search all of our resource to find the best price. We can quote prices over the phone or by e-mail, so please feel free to contact us for a quote.


The Gun Doctor, Inc. carries a large selection of used long guns and handguns. We buy used firearms outright or offer a trade in value on new purchases; therefore, our inventory changes often. All of the used firearms we sell have been thoroughly inspected and are guaranteed for 1 year. If you have a used gun you would like to sell, please bring it by and we can give you a quote. We want to give you the best price that we can. It is very difficult for us to give an accurate quote over the phone, without seeing the firearm. Be sure to visit our showroom if you are looking for a specific used firearm.


The Gun Doctor, Inc. also offers a consignment plan as an alternative to selling your used firearm to us outright. With our consignment plan we will sell your gun through our store for the price that YOU set. This provides you a simple way to sell your gun at your price, while insuring that the transaction abides by all federal, state and local regulations.


  • How do I sell my gun on consignment with the Gun Doctor, Inc.?
    • Once you decide on a selling price or what you want for your gun bring it by the shop & we sell it for you. When you bring it in we will give you a detailed receipt with the gun information & the asking price.
      Keep this for your records, it is very important.

  • How do you figure out how much to sell my gun for?
    • The ultimate decision on price is up to the consigning customer. We will guide you on real market value of your firearm in its current condition. You will have the final say on selling price of your firearm.

  • What are The Gun Doctor's fees for selling on consignment?
    • The Gun Doctor Inc. charges a 20% consignment fee.

      The seller can either sets the selling price or the consigning price. We always let the seller set the pace on any consignment sales. There is a fee of $48.00 if the gun is not left on consignment with us for at least 30 days.

      Selling price - For example the seller sets the 'for sale' price on their gun at $500.00. The gun will go into the showroom with a price of $500.00 on it. When it sells The Gun Doctor will take their 20% fee ($100.00), and the seller will get their 80% ($400.00)

      Consignment price - For example the seller set's the consignment price at $500.00. That is amount they want for the gun. The gun will then go into the showroom with a price of $600.00 on it. The amount the consignor wants ($500.00) plus The Gun Doctor's 20% fee ($100.00). When the gun sells the consignor will get the price they wanted and The Gun Doctor will get the consignment fee..

  • How long will it take to sell my gun?
    • This is an impossible question to answer, so please don't ask it. That being said, there are a few things that we ask of you, the consignor.

      Please leave your item for at least 30 days. This gives us the opportunity to log your gun & market it. Any shorter does not really give us a chance to sell it. If you wish to take your gun back before 30 days has passed, there will be a fee of $48.00 per firearm.

      Remember that there are always 3 prices for any item. There is a selling price, a book price and an unreasonable price. We will do our best to sell your item for you, but if it is listed at a higher price, then it might take longer to sell.

  • When can I expect to get paid and how will I be paid?
    • Upon sale of your firearm, the purchaser has 30 days to pay any remaining balance and pick up the gun. At this point The Gun Doctor is legally bound to that sale. When the balance is paid and the firearm is picked up it will take our accounts payable department approximately 1-2 weeks to issue a company check. We will notify you that payment is ready & you can pick it up at our shop during our open hours. If you request at that time, we can mail it to you via USPS..

  • What happens if my gun doesn't sell?
    • If you have left the gun with us for more that 30 days you have 2 options.

      - You can reconsider your selling price.

      - You can request The Gun Doctor to transfer the firearm(s) back to you.

      Note: If you choose to take your gun back, we will have to process it just as if it were a sale to you. You will have to fill out the federal acquisition form, pass the Illinois NICS background check, and wait the necessary waiting period. 24 hours for a long gun, 72 hours for a hand gun, receiver only or pistol grip shotgun.

  • Will you list my gun for sale on your website or on an online auction site?
    • On some consignment sales we will list them on our web site. There is no additional charge to the seller and is solely at our discretion. Not every gun that comes in for consignment will be listed on our web site.

      Consignment guns will only be listed on internet auctions at the request of the seller. This will incur additional consignment fees. There are fees assessed by the online auction site that will be passed on to the seller. All details about this sort of consignment sale will be addressed at the time of consignment. Listing guns for sale online is solely at The Gun Doctor's discretion, not all consignment guns will be listed for sale on internet auction sites.

  • When will you contact me about my consignment gun?
    • We will contact consignors with any REASONABLE offer for purchase on their firearm. We will also contact consignors if we feel the need to reconsider a selling price due to customer feedback or any undocumented issue with the firearm. (e.g. majority of customers looking at it are saying another retailer has the same item substantially lower or customer or staff finds some cosmetic or functional defect on the item that should lower the price)

      We will contact you when the item is sold and payment is ready. Please remember you can contact us any time about your consignment gun, and you can get your gun back at anytime provided you have a valid FOID card & can pass the Illinois NICS background check.


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