Q. This is my first FFL transfer, am I able to buy a gun online?

A. Buying a firearm online is a lot like buying any other item online, but with one major difference. All firearms must ship to a Federal Firearms License dealer, or a FFL dealer for short. As an FFL dealer, we can ultimately receive your purchased firearm on your behalf and transfer it to you for a fee.

Q. I would like to purchase a firearm online and have it transferred to The Gun Doctor. What is the overview of that process?

A. Here are the steps you need to take to purchase you firearm:

  1. Buy your firearm from a licensed retailer.
  2. Complete your FFL Transfer Request Form by visiting our FFL Transfer Form
  3. We will notify you when your firearm has arrived at our location. You can then visit our store to begin the paperwork and waiting period.
  4. Once your waiting period is complete and your background is approved, you may return to our store to pick up your firearm.

Q. How much does The Gun Doctor charge for FFL Transfers?

A. We charge $48 dollars per firearm.

 Q. When is the transfer fee due?

A. The transfer fee is due when you begin your transfer paperwork.

Q. Will The Gun Doctor transfer a brand new firearm?

A. Yes, we will transfer both new and pre-owned firearms. The price is $48 dollars regardless of condition.

Q. Does The Gun Doctor inspect my firearm to make sure everything is functional, original and legitimate?

A. No. We will provide you the friendly courtesy of informing you if there was any damage to the exterior of your package, or if your firearm has obvious damage. We do offer a cleaning and safety inspection service for an additional fee.

Q. Will The Gun Doctor accept a shipment from an individual that is not an FFL dealer?

A. No. We will only accept firearms from federally licensed firearm dealers. If you are unsure if your seller is federally licensed, simply ask them. Feel free to let us know if you are unsure and we will attempt to help clarify.

Q. When does the waiting period begin?

A. When your firearm arrives we will contact you to visit our store and begin paperwork. Once the paperwork is complete, the waiting period will begin. Please know that the background check does not begin when you purchase the firearm.

Q. I read on the Illinois State Police website that the waiting period begins when the buyer and seller reach an agreement to purchase the firearm. Why doesn’t The Gun Doctor observe this guideline?

A. There is not a clear, consistent and reliable manner which we can identify and document when your agreement is made with a third party. Therefore, we define the agreement as when you complete the 4473 in our store when your firearm is present. Please know there is absolutely no flexibility with this policy. If this is something that you do not respect, we kindly ask you to seek out another receiving FFL dealer.

Q. I am unsure if the firearm I am purchasing is legal to own in my city or area. Will The Gun Doctor advise me on the legality of possession and ownership?

A. No. Please review your municipal, state, and federal laws to determine if the item you purchase is allowed to own in your area.

Q. I live in Chicago and/or Cook County and would like to transfer an item with a high capacity magazine. Will The Gun Doctor facilitate this transfer?

A. Yes. Ultimately the responsibility of possession falls on the transferee. Be aware that some licensed online retailers may not be willing to transact with you.

Q. How quickly does The Gun Doctor process my transfer request?

A. Most FFL transfer requests are processed the same business day. The more information you provide us the quicker we can communicate with your seller.

Q. The seller of my firearm asked that I provide them a copy of The Gun Doctor’s FFL, how do I obtain a copy of your license?

A. We do not provide our FFL to non-licensed individuals. Please complete the FFL Transfer Request Form by visiting FFL Transfer Form. Once this form is completed, we will have all the necessary information to exchange licenses with your seller.

 Q. I want to sell my firearm to a local buyer. Can you facilitate the transfer?

A. Yes. Bring the firearm into the store. We will transfer it to the purchaser. All Federal, State & local laws apply. The purchaser will be required to pay the transfer fee, complete the Federal paperwork, pass a FTIP background check inquiry, and be held to the mandatory state waiting period.

Q. I want to sell my firearm online or to a buyer out of state. Will you ship my firearm?

A. Yes. We will happily process an outgoing transfer for you. We will only ship to Federally Licensed Firearm Dealers. Please bring the firearm in along with the receiving FFL Dealer’s contact information. Additionally we will need the end consumers name and contact information. The fee for an outgoing transfer is $58 plus the actual cost of shipping and insurance.